Traversing compactors

Traversing compactors as flexible transfer stations

One cost-effective solution for tight waste reloading circumstances is a static compactor that traverses from one container to another.

Traversing waste compactors are perfect for local transfer stations, in locations where great amounts of community waste must be collected or in restricted waste reloading circumstances.

The traversing compactor is equipped with traversing and docking extras and is able to service several containers in a row.

Less space for many containers

The most important benefit from a traversing compactor is the reduced  space needed for stationing a lot of containers.

In these instances, the containers are standing and compactor is moving, which makes all the difference; for moving around three containers, space is required for five containers.

traversing WTS4Cost-effective and quick exchange of containers

There is no need for hook lift vehicles to come and exchange the containers in front of compactor on site after one container becomes full.

The compactor will itself drive from container to container and fill them up one by one.

Container exchange process

The traversing compactor has wheels which are driven by reducer electric motors, which enables the compactor to drive on rails.

Once the compactor is un-docked from the container, it then traverses along rails and re-docks with the empty container allowing the loading of waste into the container to proceed.

Hydraulic clamps will automatically close the container to compactor.

Electrical power is supplied to the machine either via an overhead catenary system or a cable winder system, depending on location.

Different options for ingress of waste

The traversing compactor can be fitted with several different feeding hoppers, depending on location and loading process.

Steps can be mounted at the sides to enable ingress of waste from the ground level from the sides of the compactor.

Steps can be built that enable the mounting of the compactor to throw rubbish in from the top of the compactor.

Access from ramp as optional extra

A traversing compactor can also be equipped to be accessed from ramp. Compactor will then traverse parallel to ramp and can be accessed from ramp either on foot or with truck.

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Advantages of using a traversing compactor in transfer station

  • Less space for placing more containers

  • Dock or ground loading possible from different sides

  • Station setup can be customized

  • Hooks and rolls and wire lift according to the standard of your choice

  • Conically built container for heavy-duty use and high compaction pressures.

  • Colour coating and paint type of your choice