Compoman baler

The small yet strong Compoman Baler PA 021 is suitable for a location where a large volume of cardboard, plastic bags, film or wrapper waste gets created.

A small retail shop, for example, is an ideal location for a PA021 baler. The Compoman baler is a high capacity tool aimed at reducing bulky waste volume several times over and in a cost-effective way.

The Baler can be used to compress all kinds of materials that can be close-packed and can remain as a bale indefinitely. The antithesis of baler-suited material would be, for example, granulated material that cannot be compressed and then tied up with strings.

Simple to install and to use

A stable concrete floor and an electrical connection are the only things needed to install and commission the Baler.

The Baler is easy to operate – a large filling door makes it convenient for day-to-day use. The bale is ejected with a simple two-hand operation.

Sorting waste right where it is created

The Baler is one step forward in waste recycling, enabling sorted waste compressing right where the waste was created. Sorted and baled waste transforms into a resource as it can be sold as material for secondary use.

Room for bale storage is necessary while baler is in use.

The Compoman baler has a high level of capacity, with a good pressing force of 12 tonnes. This ensures that the volume of waste will be reduced several times and will require less space to store it until taken away.

The dimensions of the machine enable its placing also in circumstances where space is at a premium.

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Technical data of Compoman baler PA021

  • Vessel dimensions 1190 x 815 x 1980 mm.
  • Loading opening 800 x 495 mm.
  • Loading height 661 mm.
  • Pressing chamber dimensions 800 x 600 x 1012 mm.
  • Bale size 600 x 800 x 630 mm.
  • Weight of the bale up to 150 kg.
  • Motor 5.5 kW.
  • Cycling time 18.5 sec.
  • Pressing force 120kN – 12 tonnes.
  • Vessel weight 800 kg.

Advantages of Compoman baler

  • Practical in small shops.
  • Can be used to bale different waste types on same location.
  • Easy to install.
  • Colour coating of your choice.