Compoman shredders crush materials to ease waste recycling

Our shredders can easily crush wood, plastic, glass and sheet iron, cardboard, paper and organic waste.

Our shredders can deal with items such as wooden pallets or fruit boxes, plastic bottles or canisters, animal bones, sheet metal pieces left over from production processes and thick cardboard boxes or larger amounts of paper.

Low noise shredders

Compoman produces hydraulic two-shaft shredders with a very low noise level.

Use of hydraulic drive has its benefits

Compoman shredders are built to use hydraulic drive and therefore they do not lose momentum.

Hydraulic drive keeps the blades moving slowly, which at the same time causes very little noise and dust.

Adjustable speed of blade rotation

Hydraulic systems enable the machine to be adjusted to slow or quick rotation speeds.

Hydraulic systems allow the machine to be switched from a slow mode of rotation to a quick mode as is necessary for the situation. The switch for adjusting the rotation speed is used for changing rotation modes.

Effective shredding of different materials

Even with blades moving at a low speed, Compoman shredders are capable of effectively shredding different materials.

Crushing of different materials

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Adjustable solutions

Blades with different dimensions and diameters and also with different blade thicknesses can be installed on the machines.

Normal shredder rotation time for the first shaft is 12-15 rpm. For the second shaft the rotation times are 6-7 rpm, 12-15 rpm or 24-30 rpm.

Custom-built feeding hoppers

For the convenient feeding of the shredder with the items needing to be crushed, our shredders are equipped with feeding hoppers which are adjusted to the specific needs of the situation.

Feeding hoppers are custom-built and can have different shapes.

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Advantages of Compoman shredders

  • All varieties of our shredders can be customized to the customer’s needs and location.
  • Produced with adjustable speed and therefore especially suited to various waste volumes.
  • Custom-made loading hoppers and customized installations.
  • Hydraulic drive does not lose momentum.
  • Adjustable speed and extra-quiet hydraulic set-up.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Blades with different dimensions and diameters.
  • Different blade thickness.
  • Photocell or ultrasound sensor to start shredding process.
  • Colour coating of your choice.