Reloading stations

Compoman Drive-On reloading station is a disposable reloading station giving you a high level of volume reduction and at the same time enabling optimization of lengths and numbers of emptying runs.

Mobile Drive-On reloading station allows optimization of waste collector truck emptying runs

The Drive-On reloading station can easily be placed near waste collection areas, thus shortening truck emptying runs and optimizing lengths of emptying runs.

Whenever a situation changes, the Drive-On reloading station can be relocated into new collection areas. Only a level place to locate it is required.

The Drive-On reloading station can easily be relocated from one place to another. For the relocation, the transportation, uninstalling, reinstalling and commissioning costs need to be calculated. Small technical changes are possible in the interest of new location when agreed upon with Compoman.

A reloading station that can be operated by truck driver

Most operations in Drive-On reloading stations can be automated, thus making it easy to operate. Any waste truck driver can operate Drive-On reloading station from the control panel located on the driver’s stand.

Solve your waste transfer quickly and simply and with reduced staffing costs – let the truck driver arrange waste transfer from truck to container.

Drive-On reloading stations can be used in all weather all year around

Drive-On reloading station may be located in any open-air location. The metallic, tilted direct-drive-on ramp for trucks is constructed to avoid accumulating snow, ice or dirt, thus ensuring that the station can be used all year around and in all weather conditions.

When necessary, a construction can also be built above the station, making it weather-proof. This building also safeguards the reloading station from the activities of birds and animals.

Easy-to-install reloading station

The Drive-On reloading station can be installed on gravel and spot concrete. The ground where the Drive-On reloading station is to be installed could be preferably level prior installation.

Little space for great volume reduction

Dimensions of the space needed for the placing of Drive-On reloading station are a length 45 metres and width of four metres where there is only one container. Eighteen metres of space in one direction for the waste collector trucks to drive on the ramp, together with another 18 metres space for the truck coming to pick up the container, must also be factored in.

A relatively small area in which to place the station is required, but great volumes of waste can be compacted. This cuts staffing and space costs considerably.

The container will be filled with the straight cylinder waste compactor to a pressure of 300-500 kN (30-50 tonnes or more) when ordered, thus saving transportation costs by reducing remarkably volumes of different types of waste.


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Short ramp

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Long ramp 1

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Long ramp 2

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Flexibility in configuration and standards

The Drive-On reloading station can be customized to end user’s needs and location. Measurements, technical solutions and construction can be altered according to specific needs.

Drive-On reloading station compactors can be configured to cope with different demands, waste volumes, compacting pressures and working cycle speeds depending on the situation and end user’s needs.

Customized configuration

The final configuration and quotation will be made in close cooperation with the end user.

The Drive-On reloading station can be built with a different number of containers, and with or without automatic container shifting and changing systems.

Containers can vary in size from 20 m³ to 35 m³ and be adjusted for different waste types – wet waste, mixed waste, cardboard waste etc.

Containers can be built according to different standards (DIN, CHEM i.e.). Different types of loading and transporting needs will be taken into account.

Reloading station that can grow bigger if required

The Drive-On reloading station can be built with container shifting systems for up to as many containers as necessary. In cases where there are, for example, two containers with a container shifter, the width required for station placement will be at least 15 metres.

Free access to waste collector trucks and manoeuvrability for such trucks must be considered when setting up a Drive-On reloading station with container shifting system.

Quick and easy container change

Changing containers has been made quick and easy. Containers will be moved to and from the compactor with an automatic container moving system, which changes containers on special wagons. Wagons move on rails.

Compoman Drive-On reloading station has a hydraulic container locking system and hydraulic container closing plates.

Low installation and maintenance costs

Low installation and maintenance costs, easy maintenance, a long-lasting robust construction and build are benefit points of Compoman Drive-On reloading station.

The build of Compoman reloading stations is constructed to endure great volumes of waste and long hours of use.

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Advantages of Drive-On reloading station

  • Can be operated by truck driver

  • Optimizes waste collector truck emptying runs

  • Little space for great volume reduction

  • Station set-up can be customized

  • Flexibility in configuration

  • Station that can grow bigger if required

  • Can be used in all weather all year around

  • Can be installed on gravel and spot concrete

  • Containers for heavy-duty use and high compaction pressures.

  • Hooks and rolls and wire lift according to the standard of your choice

Station set-up options

  • Station with one container
  • Station with hydraulic container shifting system to change places of two container
  • Station with electrically moving trolleys to build a station for up to as many containers as necessary. Thus changing containers has been made quick and easy
  • Station with automatic clamping
  • Station with hydraulically moving closing plates for container and compactor
  • Fully automatically working station
  • Station with full manual control
  • Different configurations to achieve certain cycle speed or pressing powers, pressure can be 300-500 kN (30-50 tonnes) or more
  • Containers can vary in sizes from 20 m³ to 35 m³ and are built according to destination country’s transport standards