Wet waste solutions

Mobile solutions for wet organic and mixed wet waste

Compoman specializes in the production of high quality, long-lasting, made- to-order wet waste solutions. Our special line are solutions specially engineered to collect and dispose of wet organical waste or biowaste.

Our optional list of additional extras contains many possibilities for fitting the compactor for the ingress of wet organic waste.

Our considerable experience enables us to fit the compactor so that wet waste will remain inside and the surroundings of it will be clean and odour free.

Paddle-action ram compactor – no cleaning behind the ram needed

The paddle-action ram compactor is especially suitable for wet or mixed waste due to:

  • the special build of the swinging paddle-action ram;
  • the sealed cylinders have no contact with the waste;
  • the enclosed construction of the ram space – there is no need to clean regularly under and behind the ram.

Solutions for specific locations

The paddle-action ram compactor comes into their own in places with high volumes of wet and organic waste – for example in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, commercial kitchens, market places etc.

Whole construction of the radial ram compactor is for the benefit of using compactor for wet waste.  All options from the list can be combined and chosen depending on location needs.

Precautions to avoid smells and the escape of fluids

The paddle-action ram compactor is watertight so that no fluids can escape the container.

This way, the accumulation of dirt on the floor around the compactor and the spreading of unpleasant smells can be avoided.

Radial ram compactors

valge radiaal5

valge radiaal6

roheline radiaal Kristiines2

roheline radiaal Kristiines1

radial Joensuu1

radial Joensuu4

hõbehall radiaal kyljelt

hõbehall radiaal

radial läbi seina sinine

radiaal 17x15 joonis

Budget option for wet or organic waste

Lifted ram compactor unites high compaction pressure with special needs in handling and compacting wet waste.

Lifted ram compactors can be a more cost-effective option for collecting wet organic waste.

Standard ram space lifted above container floor level

The standard ram space and charge box can be lifted 120-880mm higher to enable the ram to move into the container even when the container is already filling up with fluid.

The lifting ram container allows the use of the normal ram for wet waste and the full use of container net capacity, thereby keeping transport costs down.

Bio-additions can be chosen and combined

The different combinations of bio-additions and their available options can be fitted on the lifted ram compactor.

On the picture on the right: green lifted ram compactor fitted with ozone generator and hydraulically opening filling door.

Advantages of Compoman lifted ram mobile compactor

  • Budget option for wet waste
  • Can be fitted with all bio-additions
  • Especially suited for mixed and partially wet waste

Lifted ram compactors

lifted ram Rts2

lifted ram Rts3

liftedram uus2

liftedram uus1

lifted ram tehases

lifted ram compactor

Mobile solutions without compaction for wet or organic waste

Wet organic waste can also be collected into a container without compaction. Compoman has full range of wet waste containers available:

  • wet waste container without compaction
  • wet waste container with screw spreading waste inside the container;
  • vacuum container.

Container for wet organic waste can be built for filling from ground or from ramp with filling from side or with filling from container end.

When filled from side then container can have two or three openings enabling to spread waste more evenly in the container.

Bin-lifters can be fixed to filling openings to empty the heavy wet waste bins into the container.

One bin-lifter can be fixed to wet waste container and made moving on rails. This way the bin lifter is easily moving from one opening to another.

Container can be equipped with screw

When container is filled from ramp or from above through pipe or hose then a long screw for spreading the waste evenly inside the container can be added.

Position of the openings on top of the container with the screw depends on location needs.

Variable dimensions and volume

Container length, height, width and net volume can be varied.

Also the length of the screw can differ depending on container dimensions and type of material ingresses into the container.

Container can be equipped with combination of bio-additions

Bio-additions can be chosen and combined to avoid smells and escape of fluids with adding isolated walls, floor heating, ozone or cooling device on order.

The different combinations of bio-additions and their available options can be fitted on the wet waste containers.

Mobile solutions for organic waste

biokont 2 kallutusega4

biokont 2 kallutusega2

biokont kallutusega1

biokont kallutusega2

biokont estak 3 luugiga2

biokont estak 3 luugiga1

biokont kruviga hall

biokont kruviga estak joonis

When solution is not there we create new one

When your required solution is not yet among the existing ones we create you a new one.

Our considerable competence in innovation and in mechanical engineering enables us to create new solutions and thereby change your problems into opportunities and solutions.

Tailored solution with normal product price

Our variety of modifications allows you to choose specially tailored solution with normal product price.

You can get a customized product within the normal delivery time of a standard product.

You can agree with us your standard product that has all the features you always need.

Different countries and standards

We are able to produce compactors to correspond with many different standards and into many different countries according the demands of the local rules and habits.

Our compactor will be equipped for transport according to you needs – lifting hooks, lift dumper system or skip lift system.

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Advantages of Compoman radial compactor

  • Front loading bin lifter for wet waste that does not spill the waste around

  • Watertight isolation of container

  • No need to clean the ram room

  • Especially suited for wet waste

  • Lots of options to choose from - an almost unending list of additional equipment and innovation capacity to create your wet waste solution

Tailoring your wet waste solution

  • Special lifting unit for biowaste that keeps the surrounding of the compactor clean
  • Customizable dimensions and custom-made loading openings
  • Automatic, hydraulically-controlled lid opening and/or closing
  • Back door with top or side hinges
  • Photocell or ultrasound sensor to start compacting process when charge box is full
  • Container made with corrosion-free or stainles steel
  • Fire safety equipment with container isolation and quick coupler for incoming water hose.
  • Draining cassetes system or double floor with filtering system for liquids removes fluids from container using quick coupler and reduces load weight
  • Guaranteed watertight container
  • Container floor heating – enables easy discharge of compacted wet waste with temperatures below 0°C.
  • Hydro oil cooling assures that your portable will withstand constant heavy duty use
  • Hydro oil heating keeps your compactor working when temperature is below zero.

Optional equipment

Bio-additions can be chosen and combined

  • Container floor heating;
  • Freezing device;
  • Full or partial container isolation;
  • Draining cassettes to remove liquid and reduce weight before transport;
  • Lifting unit for biowaste that keeps the surrounding of the compactor clean;
  • Ozone generator that has powerful bactericidal, fungicidal and virocidal properties which eliminates smells.

Screw container

screw 10cbm kruvikont

screw IMG_5498

screw IMG_5501

screw IMG_5505

screw 10cbm kruvikont3D

Vacuum containers

vaakumkont pruun2

vaakumkont pruun3

vaakumkont roheline2

vaakumkont roheline1

h6bedane isol konteiner

biovaakum 3D joonis

Optional equipment

Biowaste binlifter

biot6stuk yleval

Draining cassetes with valve

radial kraan detail1


kylmutus Coolworks

Ozone generator


Double floor from stainless steel

radial topeltpõhjaga2

Pole for control panel


Guiding rails


Hydraulically moving loading door

kombi1815 hop no 3 hydraul

Sliding step


Aluminum lid with gas springs

madal kollane kombi