Deep underground collection containers

Our collection of deep collection containers contains several size and type of alternatives that can be tailored to customer’s colour or upholstery needs.

Main frame of the containers is made of steel, with zinc coating, ground level bitumen resign. The underground part of the frame of the container is treated with epoxy.

The containers are highly sturdy and designed to endure the pressure of the ground and rusting.

The construction of the lids is such that there is no excess dirt, water or snow collecting on the rims or on the covers of the containers.


Example: 5 types of waste in one set


Dimensions of the quadrangular container


Dimensions of the round container


Easy to install and transport

Underground containers have easiness of installation and stability – all types have fixed anchor flanges. Anchoring of the container is made by bottom fixed metal profile that will ensure stable standing of the container in the ground even in heavy conditions, e.g. when the groundwater will cause uplift. Crushed stone or other filling material is not needed during installation, because excavated soil can be refilled around the container (for round containers).


Deep collection container

The most important points for all our container types are:

  • Cover is made of fibre glass (no 1)
  • Lifting frame is made to fit glass fabric lifting bag (no 2)
  • Steel frame structure that ensures long-life construction (no 3 and no 4)
  • Underground part (no 5)

Lifting bag

  • Lifting bags are tested. There are steel frame lifts the lifting bag while unloading, which gives more safety to the process and prevents lifting bag from the breakage.
  • Lifting bags are made of durable fiberglass (varnished PVC).
  • The upper end of the lifting bag is fixed to the groove in the lifting steel frame. The frame also fixes the bag in the container and prevents waste from falling between the bag and the container wall.
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Advantages of deep collection containers

  • Standard colour and frontal cladding: stainless steel.
  • There is no excess dirt, water or snow collecting on rims or on the cover.
  • Colour and frontal cladding can be made according to client’s specification.
  • Different cover alternatives for different purposes: glass, paper, cardboard, etc.
  • Rectangle containers can be installed I-shaped, L-shaped or U–shaped.

Lifting bag specifications

  • Main material is fibre glass.
  • Weight is N 230 g/m².
  • Temperature capacity is +70 C° to –35 C°.
  • Cover material is PVC + varnishing.
  • Safety coefficient of lifting straps is 7.
  • 3000 liter bag’s max. lifting capacity is 2100 kg.
  • 5000 liter bag’s max. lifting capacity is 2000 kg.
  • 3 years guarantee on mistakes of materials and manufacturing.
  • Guarantee does not cover damage caused by vandalism, acids or sharp subjects.

How to empty the underground container?